Self-drive Uganda

Freedom on four wheels – adventure at your own pace

Discover the feeling of unrestricted freedom when you start your self-drive tour through picturesque Uganda. Off the beaten track, a world opens up to you that is just waiting to be explored at your own pace and according to your own rules. Whether you succumb to the charm of the majestic Lake Victoria and spontaneously take a walk along its shores or let yourself be enchanted by Ugandan cuisine in a local street restaurant – anything is possible, because you are your own tour guide.

In addition to these unique moments along the way, the classic safari destinations (including Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Park) await your visit. Also discover the hidden treasures in the lesser-known national parks such as Kidepo Valley or Lake Mburo National Park. What makes Uganda truly unforgettable are its untouched landscapes and the warm hospitality of its people.

How can I explore Uganda as a self-driver?

There are basically two ways to explore Uganda as a self-driver. You can either opt for a four-wheel drive vehicle with a roof tent (camper van) and immerse yourself in the adventure as a camper, or you can choose a rental car and enjoy the comfort of pre-booked lodges.

Self-drive camping trips

With a roof tent camper, you are right in the middle of the action and can enjoy the comfort of a mobile home without having to pack all the time. There are numerous campsites all over the country where you can spend the night. In the national parks, these are usually guarded by rangers and many lodges offer special pitches for campers so that you can use the existing infrastructure. Our fully equipped four-wheel drive roof tent campers offer you everything you need for your trip, including a cool box, stove, awning, chairs and a table. We will be happy to advise you on various routes and other details. Campsites in Uganda do not usually need to be pre-booked.

Self-drive with rental car

For those who seek the excitement of self-driving and appreciate comfort at the same time, the combination of rental cars and pre-booked lodges in Uganda offers the ideal solution. This allows you to discover the lush flora and fauna and the impressive landscapes of Uganda at your own pace, without having to forego the luxury of a cozy bed and a private bathroom right next door. We will work out an individual itinerary for you. Equipped with a rental car (four-wheel drive), maps & GPS data, you can set off on your very own adventure.

Frequently asked questions about self-drive tours

Is it dangerous to be a self-driver in Uganda?

Uganda is a relatively safe destination. The country has a solid infrastructure with a dense network of petrol stations and supply options that make traveling easy. This makes it easy to move around the country as a self-driver. Mobile phone reception is guaranteed throughout the country. . Nevertheless, when traveling in Uganda, as in any country, it is important to always be vigilant and take precautions, such as not leaving any valuables visible in the vehicle.

What are the road conditions like in Uganda?

Uganda has a well-developed road network. The main roads are almost entirely asphalted. In rural areas and on secondary roads, you should check the current conditions during the two rainy seasons (March to May and September to November). During this time, some roads or bridges may become impassable and, as your tour operator, we will of course provide you with information and advice both before and during your trip.

What to look out for when traveling as a self-driver in Uganda

Drive on the left-hand side:
Left-hand traffic is the norm in Uganda. You should therefore pay particular attention during the first few days of your trip, especially in urban traffic.

Encounters with wild animals:
Please always keep an appropriate distance from wild animals.

International driver’s license:
Please remember that you will need an international driver’s license in Uganda – this should be applied for in good time.

Our vehicle fleet

As a rental car you can choose between a Toyota Landcruiser Prado (4×4 all-wheel drive) for up to 4 people and a Toyota RAV4 (4×4 all-wheel drive).

Our Toyota Hilux Alu Cab Canopy campers also have 4×4 all-wheel drive. There are two sleeping berths in the pop-up roof.

Our vehicles are regularly serviced by a workshop and are in perfect condition.

Why travel with Avali Tours?

  • We know accommodation, lodges, hotels and camps from our own experience
  • You are traveling with German or English speaking drivers
  • We offer you professional advice
  • We can customize any trip to your wishes
  • You will be traveling with mostly German-speaking guides and drivers
  • Vehicle fleet maintained according to German rules

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