Tanzania self-drive tours

On the road as a self-driver in Tanzania


Tanzania self-drive tours – the best way to explore a country at your own pace. Self-drive tours in Africa have so far applied to South Africa and Namibia. The situation has changed in recent years. The infrastructure in East Africa has been expanded. The highways are paved, the gas station network is comprehensive, service and repair facilities are everywhere and the mobile phone networks reach even the most remote regions.

You travel in one of our comfortable and reliable rental cars, are free from fixed travel plans and experience Tanzania completely at your own pace. We will advise you on planning your trip and are always there for you with help and advice during the trip.

New in our porgram since 2023 are self-drive camping trips. We have a fleet of Toyota Hilux with an aluminum cab canopy. The complete camping equipment with the sleeping roof for 2 people, stove, cool box, in combination with the well-equipped campsites in Tanzania (and Kenya) make the camping safari a special adventure.

Tanzania – savannah – mountains and beach

A self-drive tour in Tanzania shows you the country’s magnificent nature, unforgettable and endless savannahs, impressive mountain landscapes and pristine sandy beaches. You alone set the pace and you travel individually, authentically and in constant exchange with the people.

Rental car with Safari – Dreams

Our vehicles are well maintained and serviced

All vehicles are fully insured

Spare wheel, tools and emergency equipment are on board

GPS, maps and travel guides for every customer

We book your accommodation for you

You can hire roof tent and camping equipment from us

Tips for self-drivers

Follow the traffic rules

Drive slowly on unpaved roads

Always expect other road users to make mistakes

Do not drive in the dark

Be prepared for animals running loose on the street

Check your tires regularly

Refuel in good time, there are no petrol stations in the national parks

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