[single-accommodation-stars]Crater Lake Camp


In a hidden corner of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, Crater Lake offers an encounter with wild Africa, just a 2-hour drive from the capital city of Nairobi .

The camp is built on the shore of the green volcanic lake in the bottom of an ancient volcanic crater. The crater is 87 hectares in size and the lake occupies up to 14 hectares of this area. The camp has been awarded a total of four awards by Kenya Travel Magazine “Travel News and Lifestyle”, including Best Tented Camp in Kenya and Best Weekend. It has also gained the reputation of being the most romantic camp in Kenya. The camp is open around the clock. The activities at the camp are focused on nature and wildlife. In the crater and in the sanctuary there are guided hikes in nature. The bird list includes over 400 species, of which it is easy to spot more than 100 species per day. There are more than 30 species of animals grazing in the Heiligtum.In of the night the hippos come out of the main Naivasha Lake , and it is possible to see the Aardvark and spring hares, leopards and bush babies at night. Game Drives. There is a colony of over 70 colobus monkeys that live here. In addition, most of the year flamingos cover almost the entire lake, of which numbers can go up to 3000-4000.