[single-accommodation-stars]Okaukejo Camp


Famous for its illuminated waterhole, Okaukuejo Rest Camp is also the administrative center of Etosha. Most visitors travel through this camp with its characteristic stone tower, and the Etosha Ecological Institute is also located within the camp.

The rest camp used to be a military outpost established in 1901, and the tower was added in 1963. Located in the south of Etosha National Park, Okaukuejo is only 17 km from Anderson Gate. Okaukuejo offers a wide range of accommodation as well as all the necessary facilities such as a petrol station and a shop. The restaurant and bar offer refreshments and delicious meals, while the swimming pool provides relaxation on hot days. The waterhole is a hub for animal activities that start in the early hours of the morning. Especially in winter, a variety of wild animals gather in the immediate vicinity of the camp to quench their thirst.

After sunset, spotlights illuminate the waterhole. This is the best time and place to see the endangered black rhino. This archaic mammal can often be seen drinking along with lion and elephant. The number and interaction of the animals is the most important driving force of the Okaukuejo rest camp in Namibia.