[single-accommodation-stars]Sable Mountain Lodge


Location: The small and sprawling Sable Mountain Lodge is located in the middle of the Miombo dry forest, just 9 km outside the Selous Game Reserve from the Matembe entrance. The stone huts and kanvas tents are located on a hill overlooking two waterholes that regularly attract zebras and baboons. Facilities: The lodge has a total of 13 accommodations in 3 different categories. The 8 stone bungalows are furnished as double rooms and have a separate bathroom with toilet and shower. The private veranda invites you to relax. Furthermore, there are 3 luxuriously furnished tents, as well as 2 honeymoon tents, which convey a typical safari feeling. For relaxation, there is a pool, as well as a small lounge with a small library near the bar. Restaurant: The small and open restaurant offers international cuisine in the middle of the African wilderness. To end the evening in a relaxed way, the bar invites you to enjoy a cold beer or a good red wine under candlelight.