[single-accommodation-stars]Ziwani Lodge


Location: Ziwani Lodge is located at the southern foot of the Serengeti Plateau in the crater highlands of Tanzania. It is situated on a steep slope with a view of the seasonal Lake Eyasi salt lake and the Great Rift Valley. Facilities: The property has seven comfortably furnished, stone-built cottages. All accommodations are equipped with an en-suite bathroom as well as a veranda and roof terrace with a wonderful view of the valley and seating areas for relaxing. There is a swimming pool adjoining the main building where you can enjoy a refreshing dip after the heat of the day. Ziwani Lodge is powered exclusively by solar and wind energy. The construction and architecture of the accommodation are integrated into nature and serve as a natural cooling system for the rooms. Restaurant: Traditional dishes and fine bush cuisine are prepared from fresh ingredients and products by local chefs. Activities: Enjoy authentic encounters with Tanzanian culture and tribes. The lodge offers cultural interactions with the local Hadzabe Bushmen as well as the herdsmen and craftsmen of Datoga.

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