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  • Okaukejo Camp

    Okaukejo Camp

    Famous for its illuminated waterhole, Okaukuejo Rest Camp is also the administrative center of Etosha. Most visitors travel


  • Mount Etjo Safari Lodge

    Mount Etjo Safari Lodge

    Encounter African wild animals and dinosaurs, experience Namibian history… and much more! The


  • Spitzkoppen Lodge

    Spitzkoppen Lodge

    “A sense of place in an archaeological landscape” The Barnard family is honored to welcome you to the Spitzkoppen Lodge.


  • Meikes Guesthouse

    Meikes Guesthouse

    Cordiality. Comfort. Relaxation. In Meike’s guesthouse you will find exactly that. Ideally located in the city centre of Swakopmund, the small


  • Dead Valley Lodge

    Dead Valley Lodge

    Dead Valley Lodge is one of only two lodges located near Sossusvlei right in the Namib Naukluft Park. Through


  • Bagatelle Kalahari Ranch

    Bagatelle Kalahari Ranch

    The lodge is located on the edge of the southern Kalahari in the mixed tree and shrub savannah and is surrounded by huge red sand dunes


  • Casa Piccolo

    Casa Piccolo

    Welcome to Casa Piccolo. Our family has many years of experience in tourism and so it is